Ayaz Otomat



To provide customer satisfaction by meeting customer requests and contributing to the realization of customer targets

Continuous Improvement of all processes affecting the quality of our products and services, with risk-based thinking and participation of our employees,

To provide motivation of employees and to contribute to their personal development through Continuing Education,

To be a profitable organization to sustain our growth,

To increase our productivity by working in mutual cooperation and trust with our suppliers,

Protecting the Environment and Natural Resources we live in,

To comply with the Legal and Legislation Terms



Ayaz Otomat operates in the automotive sector in the field of machining, to leave a habitable environment and natural resources available;

Comply with all national, local laws and regulations related to Occupational Health & Safety & Environment,

From the commissioning stage to the destruction stage, the environmental management systemto implement its requirements and to continuously improve its effectiveness,

Reducing waste, recycling and minimizing waste from our processespreventing environmental pollution,

To create a working environment with a safe and objective zero accident for all of our employees,

Efficient use of natural resources,

To analyze the risks of our products and activities for the health and safety of employees andcontinuous reduction,

We will improve environmental awareness with our employees,

We commit.

General Manager

Recep AYAZ